" Cracker "

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

According to wikipedia the name "cracker" is most often applied to flat biscuits with a savory, salty flavor, in distinction from a " cookie " which may be similar to a "cracker" in appearance and texture, but has a sweet flavor. Crackers may be further distinguished from cookies by the manner in which they are made.

Cracker for me is the one of my fav kind of biscuits, it is always there in my canister. Here in Doha I like munchy's brand from malaysia, it's very tasty. These crackers also good for mom who enters the first period of pregnancy, especially due to morning sickness. I 've experinced that and it's really helpfull.

And now my crackers come to CLICK , monthly food photography event which is hosted by bee and jai , read more on here. This is really my first time to join such as foody photo event. Since I've been interesting in foody photography, I want to try to participate, eventhough I am still not sure with my capture , but why not :). At least I 'll meet many people with the same interest and learn more about photography.

This is below my entry for click, may 2009 edition with cookies theme.

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